What we mean by “PROVEN” paperless meeting automation.

At Granicus, we’ve been at the forefront of Paperless Meeting Automation for over a decade. Since our inception in 2000, we’ve kept our eye on the prize—being the very best in what we do. We’ve achieved an astounding 99 percent retention rate by our customers. And if that doesn’t illustrate “Proven,” we don’t know what does!

Meeting Automation Technology

There are two types of people in the world; those who fear the Cloud, and those who embrace it. For those who fear it, Novusolutions has been flawlessly utilizing the Cloud for its hundreds of customers for more than a decade. Our one-on-one support available to walk you through the meeting automation benefits of being able to have your meeting agendas 100% secure and accessible to you from any internet-connected device, 24/7.

For those who embrace the Cloud, you’ll now be able to access, review, and adapt any of your files, including meeting notes or team meeting agendas, in real-time, in the same easy and convenient way that you’ve grown accustomed to.

PROVEN Savings

We’ve proven that gaining a deep understanding of our customers’ needs can result in tremendous savings on their bottom lines. Over the last two years we have made significant investments in our meeting management software to make customizable solutions easy to deploy.

Today, with our revolutionary technology, we can do the same work with a fraction of the effort. This reduces our costs and the time it takes to get a customer up and running. See the cost savings with paperless meeting management software.

Meeting Minutes Software Done Right

When 99% of customers continue to come back year after year, you know you’re doing something right.

But to Novusolutions, it‘s about more than retention. It’s about listening to our customers, listening to what they would like to see improved, as well as presenting them with new meeting minutes software that keeps them coming back for more.

Let Us PROVE IT to you ...