About NovusAGENDA Paperless Meetings

Our Company

We are experts at rolling out legislative management software. We’ve deployed NovusAGENDA at hundreds of customers over the last 13 years. With all that experience we have honed our software and project management to the point where we can rollout and support NovusAGENDA very efficiently. This efficiency translates to a lower initial cost for our customers along with lower long-term maintenance costs.

Of course, it also helps that we have developed some excellent technology over the years.  Our technology helps us create completely customized layouts for each customer with a minimal amount of time and cost.

It wasn’t always this way. ¬†Before we developed our advanced technology it used to take a lot of labor and time to deploy a new customer.

Not anymore!

Over the last several years we have made significant investments in our meeting management software to make customizable solutions easy to deploy. Today, with our revolutionary technology, we can do the same work with a fraction of the effort. This reduces our costs and the time it takes to get a customer up and running.

Paperless meeting management isn’t supposed to be limited to only those large organizations with big budgets.

We feel very strongly that Granicus’ success is dependent upon making meeting automation software affordable and easy to deploy to all organizations.

We’re so confident in what we do that we invite you to try a free pilot of NovusAGENDA today.

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