Green Revolution

jk bikeGranicus performs on the belief that the Internet could provide better solutions at a lower cost to customers. This belief is at the core of everything Granicus does.

NovusAGENDA has provided sustainable solutions for organizations long before fuel prices were headline news. Working with government and educational clients from the very beginning has allowed us to see an opportunity to save customers time and money through electronic automation of paper-intense processes. That has been our business since day one!

Check out this interview with John Kercher, who currently serves as Director of Solution Consulting of Granicus after playing a key role in the founding of NovusAGENDA’s original parent company, Novusolutions:

What does being “green” mean for NovusAGENDA?

We have been a “green” company since before “green” was golden. Our entire culture is focused on reducing customer costs through effective use of automation. Time, money, storage space and paper are a few key areas our solutions deliver positive impact.

Is the new green culture a driving force for NovusAGENDA?

I guess it is now since everyone is talking about being green. Early on, we never looked at our business as a green business but rather as a more a practical, common-sense business. Customers are suffering under a barrage of paper brought about by well-intentioned accountability programs. Our software enhances the accountability part and removes the paper part. That just makes sense to me and many of our clients. I suppose the common sense part of all that is reducing paper and storage costs, which brings additional value.

Tell us more about Granicus’ company culture.

We are passionate about improving processes for our clients. That passion fuels our development plans and also drives us to offer simple licensing models. We follow a very simple principle: buy our software and use it as much as you want and need. This is simple to understand and offers a great value to our clients. If I had to sum it up in a few words I would say, “Plain, simple value; that’s us.”

Unlimited License model is unique. What else is unusual about your model?

We try to think ahead and meet needs before they arise. For example, the reporting module in NovusAGENDA offers insight to client processes that does not exist in a paper-based system. Clients want to get out of the paper chase, and that is why they work with us today. Tomorrow, they will realize they have a lot of valuable information stored in a database. That database can be mined to offer great value.

Datamining may not be on the mind of our clients today, but it will be tomorrow. We will be ready to meet that when it comes up.

Our solutions are open architecture, and that simply means you can access the data through industry standard reporting tools. Soon, clients will see the need to compile data from various systems into consolidated reports. Our software is already designed and licensed to accommodate this need, so when it comes up, our clients will not have to worry about any unpleasant surprises with our software.

Part of our responsibility to the client is to look ahead and anticipate their technology needs before they arise, in order to make sure we design solutions that will meet their current and future needs. Clients view us as experts in our area of focus; we take that responsibility seriously, so we plan ahead for them.

How does this culture play out during your day-to-day operations?

We try to practice what we preach, like filing even our own documents electronically to save paper. Every quote, RFP, purchase order and correspondence is on file in bits and bites. We do not keep hard copies. Many Senior Management team even drive electric cars. It is not about trends, it’s about cost savings. They just happen to be “Green”. We like to call it sustainable sustainability.


Little things are important, too. We have a bulk water cooler but encourage staff to use reusable cups instead of paper cups that are thrown out after one use. Our offices are kept at comfortable but above normal temperatures to save on air conditioning costs. That means we must allow a casual dress environment, but in my mind the benefit of saving energy outweighs any dress code issues. Besides, people prefer coming to work in casual attire for the most part, so it is a win for everyone.


There is one thing you have left John…..Go ahead, tell us about it…

Ok, many people get a kick out of the fact that I ride my bicycle to work. I strap my laptop and lunch on my backpack and ride my bike to work every day. That can be a challenge during the South Florida summers, but I find it relaxing as well as cost effective. My neighbors think I am a bit strange, but with rising gas prices, they are slowly becoming believers in the bike to work plan.


If you are ever driving around Weston Florida at 7:30 AM and you see a guy with a backpack and lunch on his back riding a bike, wave: it’s me.


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