Our Corporate Culture

Our Ethos

Novusolutions was created with the goal of using the Internet to deliver better solutions with better services at affordable prices for our customers. Driving this has always been a culture of taking care of the people we work with.

Our goal is to make every day an enjoyable one in the office and for every Novusolutions customer. By working with our clients and fully understanding what makes work and meetings more pleasant, we can apply that in our own office. We practice what we preach, and our employees love it.


Thank God It’s Monday!

That’s not the normal corporate mentality, but it’s one of the driving forces behind our staff and our success at Novusolutions. We work every week to make sure that our staff and our customers are going to enjoy their experience. Novusolutions is proud that our employees start the week happy because every Monday means five days of opportunity ahead.

Empowered Staff

Every company says they care about their employees, and we think that’s really great! The Novusolutions difference is that we take caring a step further and make sure our employees are at their best. Treating people like adults is one of the easiest ways for us to find and retain top talent, making our customers’ jobs easier too.

Showing that care comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s a quick email saying you did a great job or the chance to step up and take on something big. And sometimes, it’s a nap! When one of our top Novusolutions employees was pregnant, she really needed a little break in the afternoon. So, we closed her door and dimmed the lights, allowing her to take a nap at 2pm every day.

The bottom line is we believe the workplace should be a stress-free environment that allows our employees to confidently make decisions that are good for our customers. That’s good for business.

Green Down to Our Roots

Another big initiative here is sustainability. We’ve been green since day 1, and back in the year 2000 that was before it was hip or required by soaring gas prices.

Going green is part of our larger culture in providing a better place for everyone, whether that’s on the Internet or in your daily life. Check out what green really means to Novusolutions and why some of our founders still bike to work.



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