Agenda Software Cost for Meeting Management

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NovusAGENDA software cost includes an unlimited use license for as many users and meeting types as you need.

All paperless meeting software costs are billed annually on one invoice for the year.

Contact us for meeting automation software costs.

Municipal Government – Counties, Cities and Towns


K-12 Education

Meeting automation software pricing for K-12 Education is based on number of Schools in the system

Higher Education

Meeting automation software pricing for Higher Education is a flat rate for all organizations


Special Districts, Commissions, Agencies – all others

Meeting automation software pricing for other organizations is typically priced at our smaller levels but can vary based on your needs.


How much do we spend today?

We often ask our potential clients if they know how much it costs today to manage their paper-based processes, and without exception the answer is “I have no idea.” If you do not understand the costs of operating today, it will be hard to understand the value of changing to a new method. Our Cost Savings Analysis will give you a complete analysis of how much you will save.

See our Video that discusses cost savings for NovusAGENDA

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What do I need to do?

Click on the link below and answer the simple questions, making sure to include your basic contact information. We will send you a Cost Savings Analysis tailored to your organization. The answers to our questions help us tailor the cost savings to your current process.

Armed with that information, you can quickly make an intelligent decision about whether or not NovusAGENDA will add value to your organization. This will take you less than 3 minutes to complete, and the result will be your ability to see the whole picture and decide if you need to spend more time finding automated solutions. It is that simple.

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