How Do I Buy?

Many clients have asked us over the years how they go about buying NovusAGENDA meeting management software for their organizations. Since our pricing is so low most of our clients simply deal with us directly without any formal bid process. Our costs are below most bid limits so this is the easiest option. After carefull evaluation of all your options NovusAGENDA will make the most sense and we will accept an order and begin work when you are ready.

State Contract – In many states we have an option to purchase NovusAGENDA off state contract. Buying off State contract is an easy option and forgoes the costly RFP process. This option is not available in all states so contact us with questions about State contract in your state. GSA contract – We do offer a GSA option but this is the least desirable because it carries a premium to buy via GSA. If buying through GSA is your only option we can work with you on that as well.

Piggyback other RFPs – In many states we have won previous RFPs and those RFPs offer a piggyback clause that allows you to buy off that bid and avoid the costly RFP process.

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