Free Pilot of Agenda Software

Why do hundreds of cities, schools and colleges use NovusAGENDA each year? They save money, improve transparency and reduce their carbon footprint using this board meeting automation software.

Meeting automation is growing rapidly because of these favorable factors.  Many potential clients have told us that they need to prove the concept before they can buy the solution. They like the idea of saving money and improving in these other areas but they need to prove the results first.

In order to help you do this we are introducing our limited time offer of a free pilot of NovusAGENDA board meeting minutes software and agenda automation solution through the end of the year.

More Information About the Pilot Program

What can I expect with the pilot?
We will need copies of your current agenda, minutes, department listing with users and item review process within 5 days of project start. Then we will deploy fully functional software for you to test for your main meeting body. This begins your subscription and you can begin using NovusAGENDA. Deployment and training is usually completed in 30 days. At the 30 day point, we will send an invoice that is due 30 days later.
Tell me about the Training
We will train your staff to use the software using remote Web meeting training, plus our online client training videos. It is very user-friendly and staff can learn how to use NovusAGENDA in about 25 minutes. Board members can get the picture in about 10 minutes.

NovusAGENDA meeting automation software is very easy to use, because we have incorporated the feedback we’ve received over the past 12 years from hundreds of clients to help us get the software right. And we will make sure your team is properly trained to ensure a successful free pilot.

What if we decide not to go forward?
Then we will thank you for your time, gather your feedback on where things fell short, and move on. You have no obligation to continue.
What if we decide to purchase the NovusAGENDA?
Smart choice! Once you decide to move forward we will maintain all of your data from testing and set you up on our production system for long-term use.

At this time, we can add other meeting bodies to your software at no added cost. We will also send you an invoice for the first year of service. There are no long-term contracts with NovusAGENDA. We don’t lose clients, so we do not feel compelled to force anyone into signing long-term contracts. You will renew each year if we do our job right, and we are happy with that challenge.

How much will it cost if we do go forward?
Check out our pricing here.

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