Education Software Solutions for Meeting Management

It’s time to thrive under pressure that your educational institution is facing.

IT budgets are having to stretch farther and accomplish more while revenues are in flux and leadership demands greater efficiency with every dollar. Granicus wants to help with a variety of software options that can deliver savings and efficiency to multiple departments without significant cost or disruption to your existing activities.

We’ll help you host more successful meetings, improve workflows based on meeting goals and objectives, create long-term agendas, introduce accountability, and make all of these decisions more transparent.

NovusAGENDA can simplify your interactions and meeting processes while giving appropriate access to documents and information based on each individual’s roles, responsibilities, and attendance.

From Administration to
Academic Departments

Every office in your educational institution, whether you’re focused on the streamlining paperwork in a principal’s office or need to track meeting information across the Bursar, athletics, alumni, and more, NovusAGENDA has you covered.

We’ve built a system that is easy for anyone to operate and quickly delivers the documents or meeting notes you need, plus allows rules and access for a wide range of parents, students, staff, teachers, and more.

Create a natural system that helps everyone see the information they need, including:


Board Management and Inclusion

Whether you work with an oversight board, Board of Directors, or local School Board, NovusAGENDA has specific board management and term tracking solutions designed to keep all your paperwork together and ensure transparency that your funding requires.

NovusAGENDA can automate your meeting processes, provides minutes for review and voting, track votes during meetings to deliver results and action items afterward, and track the terms and tenure of your board members.

Manage today’s active board members and committees throughout your institution plus keep a list of associated active and past members to ensure complete transparency and keep operations free from conflicts of interest. NovusAGENDA also allows you to track and monitor appointments made by each member.

When you’re ready to introduce board members and committees to the public, simply use our built-in biography and display tools to give everyone an overview of your team, their mission, contact information, and a broad look at roles and responsibilities.

Every Issue Across Your Institution

Especially important for educational settings, NovusAGENDA provides a Reporting tool that will help you track issues raised by different departments, councils, boards, meetings, and more.

Compare budgets and progress, incorporate unbudgeted items, and track votes as they align with goals and that progress. Reporting is a robust platform that comes with all of the templates and database architecture that you’ll need to make tracking and reporting a common activity.

Our customers have seen significant departmental efficiency through Reporting activity. It’s the perfect solution to your Educational Institution’s needs. Contact us now or use the links below to learn how this can help you today.

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