As you conclude this year and review your legislative management plans, what goals did you meet this year? Depending on their levels of success, how can you meet these goals and more next year, and be accomplished with effective meeting automation? One of the practical steps to effective legislative management decisions is:

Detailed Reporting

Imagine that your board has setup several long term goals for the organization. How can you track progress on these goals easily? Ever wonder how to track legislative items as they relate to your strategic plan? Most cities and towns do not do this type of tracking but they should. Do constituents ever ask to see all the legislative items that relate to a certain long term goal or project? NovusAGENDA has the answer with a complete reporting capability designed to give you detailed information fast. Its reporting engine is proven to fetch information quickly in formats you need.

Most organizations have a strategic plan. It could be a park redevelopment project or a Downtown construction plan, etc. What is yours? How are you reporting on it? NovusAGENDA can show you how.

NovusAGENDA agenda automation software supports full reporting capabilities. Reports can be customized to customer standards. NovusAGENDA Reporting capability gives you access to analyze key data and enables unprecedented visibility into your legislative process; the reporting module enables Management to view any combination of data to help manage, oversee and track actions as they relate to your processes. Some ideas:

  • Track your organization’s goals-organizations set goals and then communicate these goals to their citizens.  Over time, the tracking of these goals can be time consuming and inaccurate.  NovusAGENDA agenda automation software tracks and reports the goal setting process.  With a few simple clicks, management can track how each legislative item supports the goals.  This tracking provides documented support that can be communicated to citizens.
  • Track council member votes-reports can be generated to detail voting results on all legislative items.  These reports are valuable to better understand how the legislative bodies are supporting the organization’s goals.
  • Track non-budgeted items-agenda items that are not budgeted can be easily tracked to better control the spending process.  Reports can be generated that show all un-budgeted agenda items, the dollar amount, and whether or not the item passed.  This insight is very important to help understand and control budgets.
  • Ensure departmental efficiency-the legislative process is time consuming and costly.  NovusAGENDA provides detailed reports on the item approval process.  This detail enables management to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the process.  By tracking the amount of time an item takes to be approved (TTA) and item accuracy, management can identify and correct efficiency robbing process and departments.

 In planning your 2016 legislative management strategy, utilize this light holiday season to learn how to adopt these steps for a successful New Year: Register for the “2016 Practical Steps to Legislative Success” webinar    .

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