Municipal Meeting Management Software

Municipal budgets are always a concern, so why not look for a meeting management solution that can deliver an ROI of up to 400%?

NovusAGENDA delivers cost savings for labor, paper, energy usage, and decreases in repetitive interactions so that you and the citizens you work for can manage information more efficiently than before.

Meet tight budget requirements while expanding your capabilities, plus improve public access to information. The public is concerned about transparency and NovusAGENDA will move you into the modern age with state of the art access for public users.

A true Digital, meeting management solution like NovusAGENDA can generate big savings. Click here to get an estimate that considers your specific cost savings.

Designed for Your Municipality

By working with NovusAGENDA, you get support designed specifically for your locality:

  • Easily distribute documents in HTML and PDF formats to the public
  • Search for and link to previous meeting materials
  • Options for streaming video and meeting information to constituents
  • Create, share, and timestamp your agenda
  • Review draft minutes and track votes
  • Electronic voting options
  • Workflows designed specifically for interaction within teams inside your organization.

No matter what device the public uses to access your materials, you’re supported with NovusAGENDA. We’re designed to operate with smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets, and other electronics old and new.

Your information lives in the NovusAGENDA database that delivers the right information in the right format for all of these devices while ensuring that guests, the citizenry, and team members can only access what is appropriate and available.

Support for Municipal Clerks
and More

NovusAGENDA provides the tools you need to keep track of the records and administrative duties common in local municipalities, especially those clerks supporting city councils, courts, and other offices.

We empower you to build agenda items in a simple three-step process and share them with each staff member based on their department and responsibility authorizations. Building your agenda, attaching the right documents, and getting it in the right hands now takes just a few minutes, saving you time and allowing you to focus on your other management duties.

As the community “historian,” you’re tasked with a wide range of document building, controlling, and sharing. All of the packets you put together can be automated and collected right within NovusAGENDA, because we want to make your function easier and more enjoyable.

Whether your day is loaded with locating and creating license documents, digging out court records, building agendas and meeting information for your locality, transcribing meeting minutes, or organizing documents and putting together briefing books and plans, we’ve got you covered.


Start Here with a Free Pilot

Hundreds of municipalities, colleges, and school districts use NovusAGENDA every year to improve transparency, efficiency, and reduce costs through smart meeting automation.

Want to discover what that could mean for you?

Consider a free pilot of our agenda software to show you how best to prepare board meeting minutes and automate your agendas. It’s a safe way to get started and comes with no obligations or catches.

Try us out with a complete NovusAGENDA solution that will run one meeting type for two meeting cycles, all for free.

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