Best Practice for Paperless Meetings

The NovusAGENDA project team has many years’ experience rolling out agenda and meeting automation for hundreds of clients nationwide. With this breadth of experience we can help you insure your processes follows the best practice regarding public disclosure, board member access and operational efficiency.

We have spoken to many clients who when asked why are you doing this in that way simply reply “well we have always done it that way”. While past practices may be valuable and based on sound foundation, not all are. Some past practices can be huge efficiency drains and there may be a better way of doing things. Our team can help you find those opportunities for improvement and implement them with minimal operation confusion. Our Project Managers offer their vast experience to be sure your organization uses the best approach to meeting automation.

You do not have to “figure everything out on your own”, we will help you all along the way. There are good sound practices to every aspect of rolling out meeting automation. For example there are sound practices for building out agenda and item creation templates critical to mission success. If you use a program that tosses that task in your lap, what experience do you have to draw upon but your own?

With NovusAGENDA you get the value of having our project team look over all your templates and build them for you while offering you insight to add great value to the whole process. Agenda automation is not always about duplicating an existing process but often about introducing a better way to do things. With NovusAGENDA you get the best of both worlds; years of expertise plus the flexibility to deliver exactly what you need.


Our goal is to get our client up and running quickly so the value of NovusAGENDA is quickly realized by the organization. In addition, we hope to bring some efficiencies to your processes that will add great value to the organization as well as your board and constituents.

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