NovusAGENDA Board Meeting Agenda Deployment

Do it yourself? Why would you want to do that?



Other solutions offered in the marketplace boast “do it yourself” configuration. Although our product is built to deploy quickly and easily, with NovusAGENDA we do all configurations for you. This is a far superior option and it does not cost you any more money. This advanced level of support is included in our costs and is the basis of our PROVEN approach.

Our project team members are experts at deploying and configuring agenda, minutes and workflow. Leveraging over 15 years of experience working through every possible scenario, our team has the knowledge to help you manage through decisions that come up during deployment. A “do it yourself” system leaves you holding the bag and making decisions in the dark. With the NovusAGENDA team, you get the benefit of best practices deployed from the start.

Each client has their own format for board meeting agenda and minutes, so your NovusAGENDA Project Manager will meet with you to learn your process, in order to determine the best way to incorporate your existing layout into the automated one.

One of the many benefits of NovusAGENDA is that a unique layout can be created for each client. This includes the item details page, pre-meeting agendas, and the post-meeting actions or minutes. Complete configuration is available to make integration easy on everyone in the organization and increase user adoption.

Our experience has shown that many users are resistant to change. When moving from a paper-based system to an electronic one, many users will naturally push back. The secret to success in a rollout is to minimize change for users. This is accomplished through configured layouts for key user interfaces. Users will see the same layouts they have been seeing for years, so user adoption will be painless and widely accepted.

Granicus will then add your configured documents to the software for review. Your Granicus Project Manager will work tirelessly with you until your unique needs are fully met.


Technical Support

After deployment, we stick with you, offering full support at NO ADDED COST. If you need to add a new meeting type or change a workflow or agenda layout, you simply contact our support team and we will provide you with fast, reliable support to meet your needs. In fact, 85% of all support requests are completed in 30 minutes or less. Having to rely on internal staff with specific “technical expertise” means you may not receive the rapid and knowledgeable response our experts offer.

If you present a challenge they need assistance with, they will escalate the issue to second-tier support. Our second-tier support team consists of Senior Software Architects with many years of experience, both in software design/development and network management. They can help troubleshoot any issues that arise in the deployment of your software solution.

Our support team is not outsourced. It is comprised of Granicus employees who work in U.S. offices in Tampa, FL, Washington, D.C., St. Paul, MN and Denver, CO.

At Granicus, we strive to make every aspect of installation and deployment a smooth process.


What we need from you

  • Your current agenda and minutes
  • Your current agenda item creation form
  • List of departments involved in the process
  • List of staff in each department involved and their role, item creators or item approvers.
  • An understanding of your item review and approval process. (e.g. Once an item leaves a department, who should review it?)

That’s it!

Targeted Training

Getting things done efficiently does not have to be expensive. In addition to cost effective meeting management, clients appreciate NovusAGENDA’s live Web-based targeted training program.

We provide “Live instructor-led training” via Web meeting during deployments. Delivering training with this method insures you can get every one of your team members in a quality training event. Years of experience has taught us that onsite instructor-led training cannot guarantee this outcome. People will inevitably miss a designated training event and once the trainer leaves your site they struggle to get trained. Onsite training is expensive and inefficient.

With our Web-based live instructor-led events, users can attend training on their schedule. This process leads to superior outcomes and based on our 15 years of experience is the best approach to getting the training your users need delivered on time.

In addition, we support your users with ongoing webinars designed to deliver training every month on key aspects of NovusAGENDA. Any staff can attend our webinar events free, and they can attend as many events as they wish. Webinars are designed to deliver short concise training on specific topics, so users can join a webinar and quickly get up to speed on any feature of NovusAGENDA. Webinars are hosted by live instructors; questions are dealt with immediately.

Finally, our client portal offers full in-depth training on NovusAGENDA through short precise videos.

All of this reinforces NovusAGENDA’s flexibility and ease-of-use for clients. Users are comfortable with the Web-based targeted training; it is an efficient and highly recommended way of getting work done.

Granicus believes in providing ongoing client support for many years after deployment to be sure you see the ongoing value and get the best results. We never leave you hanging to Do it Yourself. NovusAGENDA , Proven Meeting Automation.

Meeting automation made easy:

Once an order has been received, a Granicus Project Manager will be assigned to your project and will begin working with your team to define and develop the configuration requirements for your software deployment.

Let Us PROVE IT to you ...