PROVEN Advantages Versus PDF

Citizen attention span is short. The key to successful communication today is to give people the information they need quickly. Information locked away inside PDF simply will not do that.

Government web sites today are often set in a paper oriented standard making extensive use of PDF files. A better more modern approach is to move to a digital standard, allowing staff and citizens full access to data without having to struggle to unlock it from PDF files. Information locked inside PDFs is not really accessible.

Mobile devices have changed the world. Over 40% of current Government site visitors are mobile and that is growing daily. PDFs are terrible on mobile devices and with this rapid change in how users are accessing your web site, it is critical to commit to a digital standard in order to properly serve your visitors.

NovusAGENDA can take your information and make it available in the bits and pieces your constituents need. Relevant information is critical to a positive experience for public visitors to your web site, and using NovusAGENDA will allow your visitors the ability to search for and find relevant content quickly and on any device. The public will get full text searching returning results on relevant content. Plus they can see your agenda in a format that allows them to quickly open up the information they need without scrolling through large PDF files.

The meeting process is complex in most organizations and the hidden costs, while quite real, often go unchecked. Contact us today about NovusAGENDA and learn more about how you can add real savings to your team using true meeting automation.

Use our cost calculator to see just how much you can really save!

NovusAGENDA is designed to allow you to move to a digital standard for content without requiring any effort on your part or your web team. A digital-centric approach will propel your organization to the forefront of current thinking on the presentation of complex information to the public and your staff. NovusAGENDA can be a key ingredient in your overall digital initiative.

Digital content has several key advantages:

  • It is sharable – Digital content is easy for users to share with others without requiring time consuming downloads and emailing large files. Sharing a digital link is easy, fast and very user friendly.
  • Digital information is easy to read on various devices. Users today may visit your website on more than one device. Having your key information in true digital format makes that a much more positive experience than trying to read PDF files on a PC, then later on a phone or tablet.
  • Digital format increases the amount of information which is actually read online. Users prefer digital format to large downloaded PDF files.

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