NovusAGENDA Key Features

PROVEN Flexibility

Flexible Features

Board Management and Term Tracking

Term Tracking Software – NovusAGENDA ships with a full board and committee management function. This allows you to manage active boards and committees, as well as their active and past members.

The Public can see your active board, understand who is on each board, and see each board member’s term. They can even see appointments made by each member.  This feature really brings a new level of transparency to Government.

  • Create and manage as many boards and committees as needed
  • Add and deactivate members of each board or committee
  • Link members to who they were appointed by, if they are appointed and not elected
  • Post a primary contact, description, and mission for each board in public view
  • Post biographies for each member and post to the public

View our self guided demo to see each feature in action.

Flexible Configuration

Agenda Document Control Software – NovusAGENDA offers the flexibility to configure the look and layout of your process, ensuring consistency throughout the entire agenda process. Your staff and constituency are accustomed to seeing familiar layouts, so by configuring the layouts for NovusAGENDA to match your existing ones, we are able to reduce internal resistance to the process change and allow a sense of “been here, done this….. only now it’s easier!”

Configuration options include:

  • Agenda Workflows
  • Agenda Item Detail Page, capturing key attributes about an item
  • Descriptions, Types and Categories
  • Pre-Meeting Agendas
  • Post-Meeting Actions or Minutes

Flexible Reporting

Reporting is a valuable tool that can be added to NovusAGENDA to ramp up your access to information. You can track a number of issues ranging from council goals and unbudgeted items to departmental efficiencies and board votes. The possibilities are endless with the NovusAGENDA reporting option.


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