Why Multi-Tenant Software is Better

Continuous Integration

NovusAGENDA is a multi-tenant software application running in a Virtual Private Cloud in Amazon Web Services (AWS). As a true multi-tenant solution, NovusAGENDA is updated on a continuous basis under a process defined as “Continuous Integration”. NovusAGENDA is continuously updated with no disruption in service to our clients insuring all clients have the very best and latest release.

New Devices

New devices are introduced continually. Microsoft Surface, Apple iPad, Chrome tablets, Amazon Fire, Dell and many others are constantly evolving while new devices seem to appear monthly. Each new device brings the opportunity for change and may require a quick reaction to keep your software running well for all your users. Single-tenant applications are forced to react very slowly to these types of challenges. With multi-tenant you can rest assured your software will be ready for the next new device, maybe even before it is released!

Rapid Adaptation

Another benefit of multi-tenant applications is the ability to rapidly overcome changes introduced by third-party applications products like Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.  These applications are constantly updated by their manufacturers which impacts applications like NovusAGENDA. These changes often require rapid updates to ensure the product remains fully operational at all times. In NovusAGENDA these updates are typically deployed within a few hours. With single-tenant solutions it could be many months before an update is applied and often times at an additional cost.

Single-Tenant Software

Single-tenant software means that a single version of the software is installed for each client. This process makes upgrades very difficult which inevitably leads to outdated software and poor support.

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