Unique Meeting Management Software

NovusAGENDA meeting management software is unique in this industry. Many competitors use Word as their primary option for working with Agenda and Minutes and while that may be comfortable for some users, it is not the best technical option for many reasons.

Word requires client side software to function properly and there are always risks of conflicts and updates causing issues. This makes support a nightmare and increases the risk of user dissatisfaction greatly.

NovusAGENDA paperless meeting software is database driven, none of the other solutions out there have this design. Database driven means our reporting options are much more flexible and will work for you in the long run. Equally important is the presentation of data to new technology devices such as mobile phones, tablets and others. Our brief videos below highlight some of the key issues hoping to make them easy for you to understand.

NovusAGENDA is database driven and that makes presentation much more flexible

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