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The NovusAGENDA Reporting Engine offers powerful board meeting analytics to track key issues related to board actions.

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Electronic Board Meeting Tracking, Made Easy!

NovusAGENDA meeting automation software supports full reporting capabilities. Reports can be customized to customer standards, or created by the customer at any time. The NovusAGENDA legislative meeting management software database is an open scheme, which allows additional reports to be created with no restrictions.

This flexibility enables unprecedented visibility into your legislative process.  This visibility can be used to improve and expand your legislative process.

Management can view any combination of data to help manage, oversee, and track actions as they relate to your processes.

  • Track your organization’s goals — Organizations set goals and then communicate these goals to their citizens.  Over time, the tracking of these goals can be time consuming and inaccurate.  NovusAGENDA meeting automation software tracks and reports the goal setting process.  With a few simple clicks, management can track how each legislative item supports the goals.  This tracking provides documented support that can be communicated to citizens.
  • Track council member votes — Reports can be generated to detail voting results on all legislative items.  These reports are valuable to better understand how the legislative bodies are supporting the organization’s goals.
  • Non-budgeted items — Agenda items that are not budgeted can be easily tracked to better control the spending process.  Reports can be generated that show all un-budgeted agenda items, the dollar amount, and whether or not the item passed.  This insight is very important to help understand and control budgets.
  • Departmental efficiency — The legislative process is time consuming and costly.  NovusAGENDA provides detailed reports on the item approval process.  This detail enables management to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the process.  By tracking the amount of time an item takes to be approved (TTA) and item accuracy, management can identify and correct inefficiencies in the process.

Consider this, your governing body deals with the heartbeat of your organization. Every item, action and vote is valuable information to the enterprise. Collecting and managing this information in a database enables you to leverage the data to make your processes better.  Better processes translate to lower costs, increased accuracy, and more transparency.

How does NovusAGENDA meeting automation software do all of this?  The answer is two-fold.

1) Smart Templates – Fully customizable item templates in NovusAGENDA insure that your data is collected consistently and accurately. Because Smart Templates can be configured to practically any specification, NovusAGENDA can track and report the data that is important to your organization.

2) Relational Database — The details of every agenda item is tracked in a fully relational database built in Microsoft SQL Server. This method enables NovusAGENDA to record practically every action related to an agenda item. Once recorded, this information can be mined to provide insights and understanding that were previously impossible.

Add in the fact that all NovusAGENDA reports can be exported to PDF, XML, Excel, or CSV and you have a powerful paperless meeting management tool that will help your organization perform better. You can’t do that with Word files; only NovusAGENDA offers this powerful capability.

Read our latest BLOG on Reporting

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