Meeting Management Software Technical Overview

Need some technical information on NovusAGENDA?   Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Cloud Based

NovusAGENDA runs on the largest, most robust cloud infrastructure in the world, Amazon Web Services. Our security protocol is designed to meet or exceed standards set by Center for Digital Government Best Practices Guide for Cloud and As-a-Service Procurements.

This guide, built upon the collaborative work of state and local government and industry executives, outlines and explains the changes needed for more flexible and agile procurement processes.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

NovusAGENDA is offered as a True web based SaaS solution, Software as a Service. There is no client side software to download, plus you can use any device with NovusAGENDA. NovusAGENDA is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Compatible. This is very important when dealing with diverse board members as well as stadd. You have unlimited meeting types under this license as well as unlimited users.

Our Cloud Computing partner is Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Through AWS, we are able to offer world class cloud computing solutions with full 24 X 7 backup and reliable infrastructure designed for today’s complex computing challenges.

Amazon Hosting

NovusAGENDA Application runs on Amazon EC2 servers.

Backups are run daily and stored on Amazon S3 Servers

Client Machines

Client computers accessing NovusAGENDA can do so by simply using a Web browser. Client machines can be PC or Mac, Android, Surface or Apple. No client-side software is required!


Security is based on the Center for Digital Government Guidlines.

Standards for NovusAGENDA

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