Meeting Automation Software Benefits

Everyone Wins with NovusAGENDA! — Meeting management made easy.

Public or Constituents

NovusAGENDA ensures that the public can access published agendas and board meeting minutes, along with all supporting materials via your website. They can:

  • View documents in HTML or PDF Format
  • Search for new or previous meeting material
  • Peruse meeting details
  • Download agenda or minute backup material
  • View board member terms and board summaries
  • View your optional streaming video

Board or Council Members

NovusBOARDVIEW, is the web-based interface that allows board members with Internet access to:

  • Receive board meeting packets through a webpage, on a CD, or if necessary, on paper
  • View upcoming meeting agenda
  • View specific items, along with support material
  • Make private comments on any item
  • View past board meeting minutes
  • Review draft minutes prior to voting on them
  • Research past agendas, minutes and personal comments
  • Electronic voting (Optional)

NovusBOARDVIEW brings the full power of electronic data access to the fingertips of each board member.


Clerk or Agenda Preparer

NovusAGENDA meeting automation software allows the Agenda Preparer to have full authority over all items in the system, including meeting agenda and minutes using NovusAGENDA’s minutes taking software.

The agenda preparer controls:

  • Agendas
  • Meeting schedules
  • Publication of agenda to the website
  • Publication of minutes to the website using NovusAGENDA’s minutes taking automation software
  • Preview of agenda prior to publication
  • Automation of packet distribution to board/council members

Item Approvers

Item Approvers are those who must review or approve items as part of your organization’s oversight process. Items are routed to various approvers using a workflow.

NovusAGENDA agenda management software allows administrators to setup predetermined workflows. The workflows can be set to trigger the moment the item is ready. NovusAGENDA also supports Ad Hoc workflows for exception items.

Workflows can vary by item type. For example, a finance department item may take a completely different workflow than a planning department item. All custom workflow options can be set to funnel items to key administrators once departmental approvals are met.

A flexible workflow option is a unique benefit of NovusAGENDA.


Agenda Item Creators

Agenda Item Creators are staff members in each department who have been authorized to create items on behalf of that department.

In NovusAGENDA, creating an agenda item is a simple process:

  1. Add an item title
  2. Fill out a form that matches your layout and add support material
  3. Submit to workflow

1, 2, 3… easy as that!

Configuration capabilities include making this form layout meet your specifications. This familiar layout speeds user adoption rates significantly and reduces internal confusion.

System Administrator

System Administrator sets up the environment for the process to flow and oversees any changes. The System Administrator also controls the infrastructure for the enterprise and can:

  • Create user groups – Creators, Approvers, Department
    Heads, etc.
  • Manage group rights – Assign default rights to each user group
  • Set system configurations for public Web pages
  • Manage workflows
  • Create Proxy Users

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