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Full Video Streaming for Your Meetings

Video Streaming

NovusAGENDA now offers a Video Streaming component that is simple to use, affordable and very high quality. Organizations can stream meetings live on the web, but that is just the beginning.  This component allows you to easily set index points for each agenda item during a meeting, while simultaneously taking minutes in the same interface. You don’t need two people using two separate interfaces to use this feature. The final video will be fully indexed and searchable, with the proper jump points in place, and on your website just seconds after your meeting is completed.

What makes it so easy?

During the process of taking minutes, the time stamps are set automatically by NovusAGENDA as you move through the meeting by simply clicking a button. Time stamps can be easily adjusted post meeting by simply clicking on any item and adjusting the time stamp on that individual item. This allows you to correct any oversights or missed index points quickly and easily.

There is really nothing new to learn. You will have already learned how the NovusAGENDA minutes module works so adding the video streaming functionality is a piece of cake. You will be streaming live and setting index points in no time at all.

What is required to stream video?

NovusAGENDA offers you a live stream of your meetings as well as archived content with index points on each agenda item. All you need is a low cost Video Encoder that will be shipped to you. It will need to be plugged into electricity, camera feed and the Internet, and that is all the setup you need. We handle the rest.

Once that is in place you can stream live and set your index points.

What about High Definition vs Standard Definition video?

NovusAGENDA supports both HD and SD out of the box with no added hardware cost. There is a slight increase in your monthly streaming fees for HD to account for additional storage requirements for larger files.

Video streaming does not have to be expensive or hard to implement. Just contact Granicus today for a quick demonstration of how you can be streaming your meetings at very affordable rates.

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