Meeting Management Specifically for Special District Needs

You’re tasked with meeting specific needs for your local community, often because local taxes and budgets are tight, so you’ve got a wide range of specialty needs and reporting requirements that can be burdensome.

Allow Granicus to help you run a more transparent operation while easing administration costs, technology requirements, and reducing error rates.

Whether you’re an Enterprise, District, Hospital and Care, Protection, Services, Non-Enterprise, or other district, we’ve designed NovusAGENDA to be your meeting powerhouse that keeps every stakeholder involved, shows meeting and voting to the public, and keeps your board in the know.

Agenda Building in an Instant

How many hours does your team take each week preparing documents, workflows, and agendas for all of your meetings? Are reviews pushing that even further with printouts, emails, and constant updates to a single master file?

Scrap all of that confusion and time with NovusAGENDA’s meeting and agenda development platform that allows for agenda item creation, sharing, and approval to take just a few seconds. Everyone has access to the same platform so they can review information, tasks, document, files, and reminders wherever they are.

We not only support today’s most common documents with drag-and-drop editing but also today’s leading devices. Get access on the equipment your team already uses and share agendas through a platform that removes almost all device accessibility hurdles, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and legacy PCs.

Streamline Accountability

You’re facing unique challenges when it comes to accountability by blending requirements and reporting needs from voters, state regulators, customers, and your Board of Directors. Oversight is always present, but it’s rarely straightforward.

The NovusAGENDA platform gives you a single solution to collect and share all of your relevant meeting information, keep records of votes and approved projects, track board members and their tenure, and provide visibility into the record keeping you’re required to do, from debt to elections reporting.

And for those board members who demand paper packets while refusing to change, NovusAGENDA automates the entire workflow so you can create a complete packet automatically and print from within the system to bring the paper that your members may prefer.

Our goal is to help you work with every situation and deliver a solution that reduces the manual work your team needs, even while catering to even the most demanding board members or meeting attendees.

Tailor Made for You

Granicus’ agenda and meeting management capabilities provide a wide range of built-in templates for most of your reporting and agenda needs. However, customization takes just a few moments to adjust design and adapt to your needs for easier navigation or a streamlined approval process.

You can customize every field and form based on core elements such as text and location to individual checklists and number elements that can persist across distribution, channels, and portals for a variety of stakeholders.

Share Safely

NovusAGENDA is built to adapt to your security and accessibility needs, so that everyone gets the documents they’re supposed to, but cannot see information that must be kept private. Our in-depth security protocols allow your administrators to set access levels and requirements for individual users as well as broad categories, so that visitors via a public portal can all receive the necessary documents without added burdens of creating accounts and asking for specific access to be granted.

Take a look at our self-guided demo for creation, security and more, review pricing options with an option for a free trial, or contact us right away to see how much we can save your special district during your next fiscal year.

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