The City of Roseville, CA, is known as the “mountain lion country” and its trail network travels through open space areas which are a habitat for wildlife. According to the City, “while rare, there is the possibility of encountering mountain lions and other wild animals. Recently there have been mountain lion sightings reported along the Miner’s Ravine/False Ravine Trail in the Stoneridge area.”

Many more of the City’s attractions are part of what makes the Roseville successful. Some of these are the Tower Theater of 75 years, the Turkey Trot event, and the annual Sylvia Besana holiday Parade.

In line with these achievements, the City uses NovusAGENDA to ease its meeting search for agendas, staff reports and minutes. Its board members and the public enjoy its convenient, time-saving, and cost-saving use on their desktops and tablets.  NovusAGENDA has helped replace the City’s old technology, import its legacy data, hands-free video streaming and full legislative management.

Whether it’s through import legacy data, hands-free video streaming or full legislative management, NovusAGENDA has helped the City of Roseville to achieve its goals:

  • Replaced old technology via Import Legacy Data: NovusAGENDA’s easy transition allows for flexibility when moving from one provider to the next. In transitioning to NovusAGENDA, the City of Roseville was able to import old agenda and minutes from past years into our system in an easy fashion.
  • Hands-Free Video Streaming: NovusAGENDA Video Streaming is an easy-to-use solution that manages video capture, live streaming and indexing. The solution is setup on your site by our staff using hardware we provide. We deliver real value to customers. In order to deliver on-demand content to end users in a format that is native to their computer’s operating system, we deliver content in all four of the major streaming video formats: Flash, Windows Media, QuickTime and Real. We support the emerging Flash format that has seen recent widespread use, powering several large sites including YouTube and MySpace. No other service allows all four options. This ensures your viewing public will be able to see your content in the environment they demand.
  • Full Legislative Management: This entails, but is not limited to:
    • Receiving board meeting packets through a Web page, on a CD, or if necessary, on paper and converting them into paperless formats
    • Viewing upcoming meeting agenda
    • Viewing specific items, along with support material
    • Making private comments on any item
    • Viewing past board meeting minutes
    • Reviewing draft minutes prior to voting on them
    • Researching past agendas, minutes and personal comments
    • Optional electronic voting
    • Agenda creation and management
    • Meeting schedules
    • Publication of agenda to the Web site
    • Publication of minutes to the Web site using NovusAGENDA’s minutes-taking automation software
    • Preview of agenda prior to publication
    • Automation of packet distribution to board/council members


See it for yourself.

NovusAGENDA is a proven agenda and meeting automation solution designed to help you optimize your meeting processes on any electronic device. Register for the Roseville, CA ECS Imaging/NovusAGENDA/Laserfiche Agenda Automation Webinar, featuring the City of Roseville, CA or e-mail sales@novusolutions.com for more information.

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NovusAGENDA has been developing agenda and meeting management software for over 15 years. Our legislative management experts – including the developers, support team, and even the company’s owners – care about YOU (Your Own Usability). Before you look further, find out if your agenda is being published with responsive design (easy reading and navigation abilities across multiple devices), how you can help make decisions for your organization, and how you can move from old PDF technology to more modern presentation that supports all mobile devices, to improve your service to the community.

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