NovusAGENDA Meeting Management Software Webinars

Providing the learning resources, so you can get the most out of NovusAGENDA.

FREE Webinar Series

For those not yet using NovusAGENDA. See it in action, and have your questions answered. Join us.

Please select the date of the Webinar you wish to attend and complete the form. We will e-mail you login information soon. All times are EST time.

Description Time Duration Date
Full NovusAGENDA Demonstration 1:30 PM 60 Min 07-06-17
Full NovusAGENDA Demonstration 2:00 PM 60 Min 07-11-17
Full NovusAGENDA Demonstration 2:30 PM 60 Min 07-20-17

If these times are not convenient for you simply contact us to arrange for a demonstration on your schedule. Call 800-274-5624 x 703 or email sales@novusolutions.com .

You can also take a self-guided demo on your own if you prefer that.

Client Only Webinars

These webinars are specifically for existing clients to gain advanced training in various aspects of NovusAGENDA. Note all times are EST

Description Time Duration Date
Uploading Old Minutes 1:30 PM 20 Min 07-06-17
New User Training 3:30 PM 30 Min 07-11-17
Electronic Voting 3:00 PM 20 Min 07-13-17
Taking Minutes 3:30 PM 30 Min 07-17-17
Meeting Preparation  3:00 PM 30 Min 07-19-17
Reporting 3:30 PM 20 Min 07-25-17
Term Tracking 3:00 PM 20 Min 07-27-17
Board Portal 2:30 PM 20 Min 07-31-17

Office Hours – 05-31-17  – 2:30 PM EST

Want to stop by the office? Office hours are available to any existing NovusAGENDA client to ask our experts any questions you have on any related topic. Of course, the office is virtual so just let us know that you want to jump on the office hours web meeting and we will open the door for you.

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