PROVEN Meeting Management Automation
& Agenda Software

NovusAGENDA makes the process of creating, approving, tracking meeting items, and distributing board packets a breeze! This innovative board portal software (meeting management software) allows organizations to save time and money by automating their paper-intense process, while reducing board member preparation time.

NovusAGENDA electronic meeting automation software creates a well-organized and easy-to-use paperless meeting management solution. This board meeting software minimizes the time spent compiling and distributing team meeting agendas and minutes, but also saves paper and ensures agendas, minutes and meeting actions will be automatically posted to your website.

The public and the people within your organization will enjoy the benefits that come with NovusAGENDA’s ability to seamlessly distribute your board packet. This proven capability allows you to reduce inefficiencies and increase transparency. In addition, you will also see an immediate return on investment.

NovusAGENDA Advantages:


Drastically reduces paperwork


Ensures uniformity with consistent formats and naming conventions

Provides quick research capability

Allows for control over item submission deadlines

Delivers reporting options to track goals, budgets, and other issues


PROVEN Experience

NovusAGENDA has been serving hundreds of public sector clients for over 14 years with the same stable ownership. Our team can offer you great insight in rolling out meeting automation. Expertise is the key to success and no one has more experience than NovusAGENDA.


PROVEN Results

Our free pilot program allows you to try before you buy. We are so confident that NovusAGENDA will meet your needs, we are happy to let you try it free, with no obligation.


PROVEN Technology

NovusAGENDA meeting automation software is built on Microsoft technology that is stable, reliable, and widely used today by all sectors. Our platform remains 100% Web-based as it always has been. Our Cloud hosting rests on the Amazon Web Service backbone, the most reliable platform available in the industry today.


PROVEN Features

NovusAGENDA has all the key functionality you need to automate your meeting process. We add features based on client feedback, not based on whether it looks good on a slick marketing campaign. All features are proven to add value for our clients without adding unnecessary costs or complexity.


PROVEN Support

Our highly acclaimed support team is well trained and experienced in handling legislative management issues. You will never be talked down towhen you talk to our support team. They listen and respond …period.



Technology changes quickly. As nice as the cutting-edge devices, such as the iPad, Galaxy Tab or Microsoft Surface, are today, there is no guarantee these devices will still be considered cutting-edge two years from now. Taking advantage of NovusAGENDA’s browser-connected, Cloud-based platform will enable you to leverage the “latest and greatest” right now without risking obsolescence in just a few short years.

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